Food and Cuisine of Rajasthan

The different foods of Rajasthan are the factor to the various geographical regions supporting different crops. In the Western part of Rajasthan the staple diet is the millet and Moth bean. The Sokras or the loaf of millet flour and Moth vegetable are the popular food items. In the Southern Rajasthan People generally eat Makka (Corn), Jowar (Pearl Millet) and Gehun (Wheat). While in the East of Rajasthan, they eat Wheat and in the North Millet, Moth and Wheat.

The Brahmins, Vaisyas and the Jains are traditionally vegetaranian while the Rajputs, Muslims and the Lower castes traditionally are known to be non-vegetarian. (Though in the modern times, it is not unheard of that these dietary preferences of the traditional castes and religions are being stuck to. Not atleast in their private lives. Socially it is a taboo.) The rich and the well to do people use rice, ghee (clarified butter) and other nourishing items. The peasants of Rajasthan who are poor satisfy themselves with Makka, Jowar, Millet and Barley. There is a saying that the peasants eat rough food while the Baniya (traditional tradesmen) takes the taste of wheat. The Provincial eatable itiems are the Khichri, Dal, Bati, Rabri, Ghat, Dalia, Phalia and Kachar Sag and the Rayata of Sangri.

Popular Cuisine of Rajasthan:
Dal Bati Choorma

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