Pushkar Tour Package

Pushkar Tour Package

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The Pushkar Medley

Pedestrian, but far from boring

We did this lovely walk in the evening through Pushkar town which we would definitely recommend you do. The ghat right next to Pushkar Palace is from where you start and it is a great place to watch the sun set and soak in th e atm osphere with Rajasthani folk musicians to keep company. Continue through the market area; apotpourri of sounds, smells and colours - me smerizing, exc iting and exotic all at once. The ho ly chants reve rberating from the temples ad d to th e ambience and one can sto p to h ave a look at the activities going on in the various ghats; a artis, women doing diya bisharjans (releasing oil lamps after performing rituals into the lake which is very Pushkar Fair specific).

Some of the buildings i n the market are very old with ornamental facades. You may want to carry your came raast his easy paced walk offers great opportunities for photography. Ideally done on the day of arrival.

Sunshine Mornings

Take an early morning camel car tride into the fair ground to watch the sunrise and the drama of Pushkar unfold. We saw hushed movements of shrouded figures and their restless livestock being led to water and f odder being quietly setout, or stirred afresh. The pin-prick glows of little hearths were dancing in t he early morning haze. Wesaw thick lentil soup being stirred up and balls of wheat-dough roasted on fire. We hear d a woman screaming for her child; a guttural voice cursing a rowdy camel and the camel cursing back, shouts of children rol licking free of care. As the first rays of sunshine light the sky and the pall of smoke finally began to lift, we were indulging at ease in the chaotic p anorama a long with the well heeled Americans, the hippy French couple, th e Israelis clustered a round their beautiful women and the lovely It alian senorita with her television documentary project.

Desert Sounds

If you are staying at the Resorts which are lovely p roperties spend some time with Lal, a local musician of repute who also plays with the fusion band. He is a geni us on the nagara and nagare, a traditional musical instrument of the Thar Desert and provides free lessons to in-house guests. Lal's musical rendition of the various movements of the camel is simply a wesome. Watch him in action every afternoon.

Faces, Images

For those who turn their head at the simplest opportunity to compose magic of light, people, culture, life and earth in a single frame, we have an international a ward winning photographer stationed at Pushkar during the fair. He will take you to so me really special places to make compelling stories through images. Suitable for both amateurs and professionals and can be customised accordingly.

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16-18 Sept, 2011: "100% positive feedback for Services. Very Enjoyable tour of Delhi, cramming in many beautiful sights. Khaled was very helpful and knowledgeable on the history & architecture of these historic sites. Excellent spoken English & sense of humour...

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