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Fairs of Rajasthan

People of Rajasthan follow various religious sects yet as is the spirit of land all across India there always has been unity in diversity. With out any distinction people of different sectarian hues enjoy and revere almost all forms of faith prevalent. Thus throughout the year people have one fair or the other to celebrate and participate. Some of the fairs have grown to be very famous and people from far and wide do converge on the land of Rajasthan to become one with the cultural ethos. It is always remarkable to western observers that in the apparent distinction there has always been a thread of continuity not only in the matters of faith and beliefs but also in the historical dimensions even as the people settled outside Rajasthan or the country do necessarily come down from international shores to fulfill spiritual obligations of their forefathers.

Important and Popular Fairs of Rajasthan

Some of the fairs have taken grand proportions are known internationally and travelers do make their Rajasthan travel plans to coincide with the dates and the place of their occurrence.

  • Pushkar Fair


    To the people of Rajasthan it is the king of all pilgrimages in India. Pushkar a sleepy town 13 Kms distant from Ajmer in the north-west or 145 Kms from Jaipur in the South-west holds the largest fairs of Rajasthan on the last five days of the sacred month of Kartika, from the 11th bright to the full moon (Purnima)and the main fair day falls on Purnima. It is generally in the month of November each year according to the Christian calendar. On the occasion the Hindus take a dip in the sacred waters of the Pushkar Lake and visit the only Temple of Brahma in the world and also other gods and goddesses. The lake has mentions in the sacred texts of the Puranas (Matsya Purana) thus indicating the antiquity of this city and lake. With antiquity there are bound to be innumerable legends woven to this place and its sacredness. There are many temples of repute too like the Atmateswar Mahadeo temples built by Arnoraj Chuahan, Ranganath Temple built by Ganeriwala Seth of Hyderabad (South India) and the Rama Vaikunth Temple built by Seth Mangiram, Ram Kunwar Bangar of Deedwana. The sacred lake of Pushkar has 52 ghats buil by famous rulers, seths (businessmen) and Jagirdars (feudal lords) of Rajasthan.

    The Government of Rajasthan has accorded much importance to this fair not only because it attracts large numbers of devotees but also that these devotees bring their cattle to trade and thus being a source of revenue to the Government of Rajasthan. Sale and purchase of Camels, Horses, Donkeys, Cows, buffafloes and Nagori Bulls are a treat to watch in the large expanse of the fair grounds in traditional manner. The Department of Arts, Culture and Tourism of the State Government and the local administration look after the management of the fair and hold cultural programmes. During the fair more than 200,000 visitors, International tourists and participants are registered in the 10 day affair.

  • Mahaveerji Fair

    mahaveer ji fair

    In the district of Karauli, near the town of Hindaun, there is a pilgrim place of the Jains (one of the five religions emanating from India), the Mahaveerji. Besides the Main Temple dedicated to Mahaveer ji, there are several other temples of note of the Jains. Thousands of Jain Monks and Nuns known as the Sravaks, Sravikas or the Sramans or Sramanies and the religious leaders known as Munies (Muni being singular) gather to pay respect to the 24th and last Tirthankaras (god or deity) Mahaveer Swami of the Jains and other Tirthankaras and Monks and Nuns and Munies.
    The fair also attracts the local communities of the Gurjars and Meenas too.

  • Kaila Devi Fair

    Kaila devi fair

    The fair of Kaila Devi in the Shukla Paksh of the Chaitra at the site of the temple of Deity Kaila Devi, which is 18 Kms from the town of Karauli. The fair lasts for many days. Hundreds of thousands of devotees come to touch the feet of Kaila Mata. It is also popularly known as Lakkhi Mela. A cattle fair is also held during the fair, where thousands of cattle are sold and purchased and the best among them gets rewarded in the competition.

  • Ganesh Fair

    ganesh fair

    This fair is held in the historical fort of Ranthambhore at the Ganesh Temple, in the district of Sawai Madhopur. The fair is held on the occassio of Ganesh Chaturthi in the later half of Bhdrapad. Hundreds of thousands of people reach here to participate in this fair of Rajasthan.

  • Rani Sati Fair

    rani sati

    In the month of Bhadrapada, the famous fair of Rani Sati is held at Jhunjhunu commemorating the burning of Aggrawal Married woman on the funeral pyre of her husband. Hundreds of thousands of devotees get mundan in ceremonies (tonsuring of their heads) of their children and the newly weds pay their respect. Ever since the forceful sati episode of Roop Kunwar in the late Eighties, the Government has imposed ban on this fair.

  • Ramdeoji's Fair

    ramdeoji fair

    In the desert region of Rajasthan at Pokaran in the Jaisalmer district is a place known as Runecha or Ramdeora where the saint or a very popular local deity Ram Deo ji is worshiped. Saint Ram Deo born in the warrior high class of Rajputs opposed the caste discrimination and worked for social equality among the Hindus and also won over the hearts of the Muslims. To the Hindus he is Ramdeoji and to the Muslims he is Ramapir. Hundreds of thousands of people on foot, by carriages, trains etc converge traveling 1000s of Kms from Punjab, Harayana, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Sindh, Gujarat and from every corner of Rajasthan, converge on his Samadhi (memorial) and pay their respect. Ramdeoji's Fair which is one of the most important Religious Fairs of Rajasthan lasts for about 15 days in the bright half of the Bhadrapad. Like all fairs of Rajasthan it also is a time for the cattle trade. However, this fair is uniquely multi-ethnical, multi-communal and multi-religious if we are allowed to say so.

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