The Architectural Heritage of Rajasthan!


Travel with Khaled, Umaid Bhawan Palace jodhpur

Travel with Khaled – Umaid Bhawan Palace Jodhpur

मारू थारो देस में निपजय तीन रतन, एक ढोलो, दूजो कुरजां, तीजो कसूमल रंग|

Rajasthan has been the land of emotional sagas. Permanently etched in history are beautiful narratives of extreme human endeavours, transforming the monotonous desert landscape into songs, ballads and awe inspiring edifices. The Kasumal color (akin to pinkish red) is Unique to Rajasthan is the color of valor, the vibrant color of hospitality which the desert State of Rajasthan is singularly known for.

The valorous Maharajas of Rajasthan built ravishing Palaces which stood the ravages of time and stand intact to this very day. The architecture, art and craftsmanship which have gone painstakingly in embellishing these monuments into near perfect structures are an ode to the men who have built these.

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