Summer Festival 2013 – Mount Abu, Rajasthan

Summer festival rajasthan 2013

Every year, thousands of tourists and travelers flock to Mount Abu for enjoying summer festival and escaping from high heat and humidity as well. If you too want to watch and enjoy it this year, then days are too near as the festival is going to take place for three days, starting from 23rd till 25th May, 2013. Booking for hotels, tour packages and for other things have been started. So, don’t wait and make your booking as soon as possible.

This three day carnival is organized by Rajasthan Tourism every year during Buddha Poornima in Mount Abu, which is the only hill station in Rajasthan. This outstanding and beautiful hill town serves as an ideal location for the summer fair because of its rocky terrain, serene lakes, pleasant atmosphere and attractive places. The summer festival starts with a ceremonial procession from the RTDC Shikhar Hotel and finally gathering at the Nakki Lake Chowk that is followed by best regional folk performances by local folk artists and performers.

This carnival offers a great time to local, national and international tourists and visitors to relax, enjoy and entertain themselves with the outstanding folk dances, events, competitions and other common activities happening all around. The second and third day of the festival is more attractive and exciting as all the events and sports organized between these two days. The Sham-e-Qawwali is one of the special attractions of this fete. It is a musical show, which fascinates visitors with narrations by famous qawwals from different parts of the country. The melodious classical and folk music of Rajasthan and Boat race on Nakki Lake are the main highlights of the festivals. Apart from this, the festival also offers a look of the tribal & village life of the state.

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Gangaur and Mewar Festivals of Rajasthan

Two most popular and important colorful festivals of Rajasthan are Mewar Festival and Gangaur Festival, which are celebrated in the month of March / April. In 2013, Mewar festival of Rajasthan is going to celebrate on 13th April to 15th April for three days in Udaipur. However, Gangaur festival will be celebrated on Ail 13-14 for two days in throughout Rajasthan including Jaipur, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Nathdwara Jaisalmer and Bikaner,

Gangaur-festivalGangaur Festival: It celebrated all over Rajasthan in honoring the goddess Gauri (A manifestation of Parvati), who represents purity and austerity. The word Gangaur is made up of two words, ‘Gan’ and ‘Gaur’, where ‘Gan’ means Lord Shiva and ‘Gaur’ which stands for Gauri (Parvati). This festival is also celebrated in different cities with the Mewar festival. Predominantly, the festival is for women, particularly unmarried girl, who dress up in their finest costumes, and pray for a good spouse of their choice, while the married women pray for the long life and welfare of their husbands. A colorful procession of decorated images of the goddess Gauri is organized during the festival, and idols of Gauri are circulated all over cities with huge fanfare. These idols are immersed in a lake on the last day of the festival.

Mewar Festival: This festival is celebrated at the beautiful Lake Pichhola of Udaipur with full zest and devotion. The idols of Isar and Gangaur are circulated in a procession through every part of the city. During this festival, women of Rajasthan dress up in their finest multicolored clothes and participate in colorful procession carrying images of Goddess Gauri. Rajasthani folk songs, firework, music and dances are other highlights of the festivals. Sweets are also prepared and offered to Goddess Parvati. Ghewar is the most popular sweet and made throughout the city. Gifts and boxes of Ghewar are also exchanges among relatives and friends during the festival. During the festival, various hotels, especially heritage hotels of rajasthan provide best accommodation with delicious foods.

2013 Kaila Devi Fair Karauli,Rajasthan

Rajasthan, known for its multicolored fair and festivals, and the fair of Kaila Devi is one such colorful festival of the state.  This religious fair usually falls between the months of March to April. However, in this year, it is going to be held at the Kaila village in Karauli District, Rajasthan on April 7th.  Kaila village, a holy place is located on the banks of the Kalisil River. The temple of Kaila Devi is dedicated to Kaila Devi, and it is believed that she is an incarnation of the Goddess Mahalaksmi and Chamunda and the goddess of wealth.

 kaila-devi-fair-2013Every Year, more than 2 lack pilgrims (not only from the home state but also from another state as like Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Delhi, etc.,) flocks to Kaila village during this fair. The ritual of Kanak-Dandotis is followed by devotee’s especially staunch devotees. They cover approx 15-20 kilometers distance to reach the Kailadevi temple. The most difficult side about this 15 to 20 km distance is that the distance is not covered on food, but by lying on the ground. During covering this distance, they draw lines by joining their hands in the direction of the temple.

The Kaila Devi fair is celebrated with full enjoy that people expect from a Rajasthani festival. Devotees offer coconut, vermilion, sweets, bangles and Kajal to Kaila Devi, and animals are also sacrificed outside the temple to appease Kaila Devi. Most of the devotees enjoy the journey without eating and resting, while some eat food and take rest during the journey. You can also explore few other famous places like Bhairon Temple, City Palace and Bhanwar Niwas Palace. Kaila Village which is just 2 km away from Kaila Devi Temple can be a good place to know more about the rustic life of Rajasthan.

Nagaur Cattle Festival 2013

Nagaur festival also called Cattle fair is the 2nd popular festival of Rajasthan. Nagaur is a small town located between Jodhpur and Bikaner. Every year this festival is held between January to February. People come from all over the Rajasthan or nearby state with their cattle like horses, bullocks and camel etc to trade. All the cattle are fully decorated with fancy dresses or colorful things and even their owner flaunt wearing colorful turbans and long moustaches.

Cattle fair - Nagaur 2013

Other attractions of the fair- Red Chilly Market also known as the ‘Mirchi Bazaar’ is the second main attraction besides Cattle in the Nagaur fair. At this fair you could also find otter things like handmade items, wooden items, camel leather accessories, rajasthani dresses etc.

handmade items

Date for cattle fair-This year cattle fair will be held from 17th Feb. to 20th Feb 13.

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