2013 Kaila Devi Fair Karauli,Rajasthan

Rajasthan, known for its multicolored fair and festivals, and the fair of Kaila Devi is one such colorful festival of the state.  This religious fair usually falls between the months of March to April. However, in this year, it is going to be held at the Kaila village in Karauli District, Rajasthan on April 7th.  Kaila village, a holy place is located on the banks of the Kalisil River. The temple of Kaila Devi is dedicated to Kaila Devi, and it is believed that she is an incarnation of the Goddess Mahalaksmi and Chamunda and the goddess of wealth.

 kaila-devi-fair-2013Every Year, more than 2 lack pilgrims (not only from the home state but also from another state as like Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Delhi, etc.,) flocks to Kaila village during this fair. The ritual of Kanak-Dandotis is followed by devotee’s especially staunch devotees. They cover approx 15-20 kilometers distance to reach the Kailadevi temple. The most difficult side about this 15 to 20 km distance is that the distance is not covered on food, but by lying on the ground. During covering this distance, they draw lines by joining their hands in the direction of the temple.

The Kaila Devi fair is celebrated with full enjoy that people expect from a Rajasthani festival. Devotees offer coconut, vermilion, sweets, bangles and Kajal to Kaila Devi, and animals are also sacrificed outside the temple to appease Kaila Devi. Most of the devotees enjoy the journey without eating and resting, while some eat food and take rest during the journey. You can also explore few other famous places like Bhairon Temple, City Palace and Bhanwar Niwas Palace. Kaila Village which is just 2 km away from Kaila Devi Temple can be a good place to know more about the rustic life of Rajasthan.

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